we are open





We are available for massage, facials, and nail care: Indoor or Outdoor - Your Choice / Your Comfort



open indoor and outdoor


Cleanliness and Safety have always been top priorities at Sensui New Beauty.


We have taken incredible measures to re-open the spa.



• We REQUIRE MASKS for all guests and employees and have them available for your visit



• We have HAND SANITIZER readily available at several stations throughout the spa


• We have had extensive employee COVID-19 SAFETY TRAINING and developed a new COVID-19 safety manual for our staff, in accordance with government health guidelines


• We have regularly scheduled DISINFECTION protocols


• We have support staff WORKING REMOTELY

• We have upgraded our facilities with ActivePure Technology, a proven AIR AND SURFACE PURIFICATION technology to kill contaminants and pathogens


We look forward to welcoming you back!


Sensui New Beauty is an Eco-Luxe Day Spa featuring massages, facials, natural nail care, and specialty body treatments. We are committed to a new approach to beauty: a natural approach. Our commitment to the environment emphasizes our dedication to providing you with the best and most environmentally-friendly spa experience. You may find out more about what positive environmental measures we have taken here.

Let us pamper you in our solar powered oasis that sits just steps away from the Pacific Ocean. Find the beauty within using the latest in organic body and skin care. Indulge your senses and immerse yourself in our relaxing, reviving, and rejuvenating natural environment.


We also host yoga classes in our beautiful and spacious studio. For class times and information, please see our yoga page.

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