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New Beauty Facials


All facials use the Sensui Signature Technique of deep double cleansing, delicate massage, deep steaming, moisture replenishment and intensive product application, for glowing results.

  • SENSUI Signature
  • Illuminating
  • Perfectly Purifying
  • Gentlemen
  • Naturally Organic
  • Ultra Hydrating
  • Age Defying

pink petalsSENSUI Signature Facial (90 min). The ultimate in looking and feeling your best. This intensive hydrating treatment designed for making your skin look its best after a sequence of exfoliation, serums and a delectable mask. This treatment includes a mini-massage of the hands and feet......185


yellow tulipsIlluminating Results (60 min). A preventative treatment that also reverses the effects of aging, using a unique formulation that penetrates, moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. You will look truly glowing after emerging from this treatment......120



white daisiesPerfectly Purifying Complexion Treatment (60 min). Luxuriously soothing, yet intensive cleansing treatment for problematic oily skin......120



fernsExclusively for Gentlemen (60 min). Invigorates and heals the male complexion after exposure to the elements and shaving. This treatment includes a scalp massage and products designed uniquely for men......120



seaweedNaturally Organic (60 min). An all naturally-derived marine based treatment using the best of nature's ingredients to stimulate your skin. This facial promotes cellular renewal and luminosity of the skin......120


water swirlsHydrating and Nourishing (75 min). Quenches even the driest skin with highly concentrated techniques and products, resulting in a moist, glowing complexion. Reintroducing moisture helps to bring vitality back to your skin......160



The Miracle of Stem Cell Activation (90 min). The sensation of younger skin. With this 3-phase protocol, bring youthfulness back to your skin by minimizing pores, calming puffiness, refining smoothness, and re-defining your lip line......230



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